Your information should work for you

Not the other way around

Say goodbye to lost documents, manual folder tracking and shared drives cluttered with ten versions of the same file.

FileTrail makes managing and controlling your physical and electronic files simple so you can focus on what matters.




We’ve reimagined & simplified Enterprise Content Management by individualizing our platform and making it work for any organization, at any scale, with zero guesswork.

Eliminate unnecessary hassles. With FileTrail, you know that your files are secured, controlled and accessible, and are only a few clicks away.

We specialize in unifying how organizations manage their physical and electronic business information assets.

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All the Right Tools – No Bloat or Complexity

One Workspace

All of your physical records, electronic documents and other information assets in one central repository.

FileTrail equips organizations with the tools to effectively oversee retention, automate disposition workflows, monitor activities and report results.

Oil & Gas

Increase revenue while minimizing the risks associated with mismanaged documents.

FileTrail streamlines on-boarding during acquisitions, provides visibility to well logs and ensures compliance with industry regulations.

Pharma & Biotech

SafeTrack by FileTrail improves your QMS for GxP documents while adding compliance and information governance for corporate records. Validated system.

Trusted and used by the Food & Drug Administration. Satisfies 21 CFR Parts 11 and 58 requirements.

We know what your organization needs.

Over 500 clients

On six continents

In seven languages

  • Manage Legal Holds

    Streamlined tools makes managing any holds more efficient. Capture and control documents currently on hold through powerful search and apply tools. Manage a wide array of holds all from our Holds Management dashboard.

  • Intelligent Search

    Time spent searching for documents is time wasted. Quickly locate your content with full-text search, easily accessible by your entire team or specified stakeholders.

  • Retention & Disposition

    Actionable Dashboards guarantee compliance and bring a new approach to lifecycle management. FileTrail automatically classifies and calculates retention, streamlines disposition reviews and document policy compliance all without having to run a paper report. Welcome to a new era of information management.

Add Physical Records Management to any platform with our Integrations.

Microsoft SharePoint

HP Autonomy Worksite

IBM FileNet P8 Platform

Use the FileTrail API

Our customers love us.

“FileTrail, with its web services and web-based architecture, integrated nicely into our existing Intranet-based practice management platform. This was important because it minimized the training for lawyers and staff and increased our adoption rate.”

Joe MacDonaldSystem Analyst, Gowlings Canada

“One of the biggest challenges I faced as a CRM creating the company’s first records management program was winning support and compliance of all the staff and departments that I needed to be successful. FileTrail made consensus possible by accommodating the unique needs of each department, while enforcing standards and giving me centralized oversight and control.”

Ember D. KrumwiedCRM, Investco Financial Corporation

“By deploying FileTrail for Sharepoint, Black Elk Energy was able to extend all of its electronic content management efficiencies to its physical records. The company improved paper records handling efficiency by 25 percent and realized a document control staff salary avoidance of $100,000 per year.”

David CantuVice President of IT, Black Elk Energy

“The FileTrail team was great. They consolidated our filing from six offices into our new central office. The rapid transition from our old system to a new color coding system made it possible for us to get the benefits of automation with FileTrail and our new practices without falling behind in our daily work.”

Don AshtonDirector, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services

“FileTrail helped us make a rapid transition from our old labor-intensive record keeping process to a new streamlined process that saves everyone time and headaches. Our conversion to FileTrail was an outstanding success.”

Steven Marks, ITSBusiness Architecture, Abgenix, Inc.

“FileTrail allows our quality and manufacturing staff to better manage our GMP documents that are subject to FDA regulation.”

Amit SyalQuality Engineering – Validation Specialist, Abgenix, Inc.

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