Since 2000, FileTrail has been developing, implementing, and supporting enterprise class information management solutions. Deployed all over the world, we offer a highly configurable suite of governance tools as well as classifying, search, and tracking tools to help your organization manage the complete life-cycle of your business data records. Our solutions incorporate the latest technologies in enterprise content management, hosting solutions and browser based capabilities. 



At the core of FileTrail, we manage all your information, electronic documents, email, and physical records. We provide our clients with contemporary, cost effective, industry leading information management solutions. We help organizations optimize their information while mitigating risk through an enterprise governance engine, enabling them to focus on creating value for their customers and employees. Manage information across the organization from capture through archiving and disposition.

  • Apply dependable, consistent governance policies across any type of content in the enterprise.

  • Ensure rapid access to a secure, single source of information, optimizing business value and increasing business unit productivity.

  • Enforce and maintain compliance along with security while addressing the challenges of an increasingly complex business landscape.

  • Leverage powerful browser based tools that reach across the entire enterprise to extend the value of your content and increase efficiency.



Product Innovation

We are dedicated to providing the most innovative and end-user friendly, information management solution in the market. We understand that continual improvement is the only route to ensuring a comprehensive, governed solution. 




We trust in our products 100%. We  believe that once you try out FileTrail, you'll never want to utilize another information management solution. You'll stay up to date with the latest versions and never lose or misplace a file or asset ever again.


Restructured Cost

FileTrail’s great configurability shortens the time to deployment and reduces the need for internal IT resources, effectively lowering the cost of a information management solution. For the lifetime of our product, we promises to fully support your organization.


Customer Experience

FileTrail’s configuration tools allow organizations to manage their system and make changes with little training and without the support of IT. FileTrail is end-user focused, guaranteeing that product design is intuitive and simple to use.