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"I would recommend FileTrail to my peers because of their ability to tailor the system to every firm or organization’s needs. I like the abilities that FileTrail provides administratively that do not require programmer knowledge. It is very intuitive for us to make administrative changes to the system on our own. I would recommend it because FileTrail is always staying on top of or ahead of the emerging needs for their clients. "
— Bradlee Davis, Director of Records and Information Governance of Jackson Lewis

All of the Right Tools Without Bloat or Complexity

Your information should work for you.

 Filetrail makes that happen.

We’ve reimagined & simplified the Information Management System -- Electronic Document Management, Physical Records Management and file tracking by individualizing our platform and making it work for any organization, at any scale, with zero guesswork.

Eliminate unnecessary hassles. With FileTrail, you know that your files are secured, controlled and accessible, and are only a few clicks away.

We specialize in unifying how organizations manage their electronic and physical business information assets.

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Unifying Electronic
& Physical Content Management

Working with IT to configure necessary changes can be a long, drawn-out process, and requires multiple people to push a simple change through.

FileTrail’s user-friendly configuration gives your organization full control over how individualized your system is without involving IT or wasting unnecessary resources.

Ensure that only the appropriate members of your team are able to access files or edit their associated data, and eliminate the need for shared drive file storage with FileTrail’s centralized and unified repository.

Locate & Track
Physical Records Effortlessly

Do you know where all of your critical documents are located? Do you have access to the most recent version of collaborative content? Have you lived through the aftermath of losing essential folders or files?

There are few things as frustrating as trying to locate updated versions of content, misplaced folders, or records on-site– especially when you need it right away.

With FileTrail, your content and records are only a few clicks away. A unified view quickly locates relevant electronic and physical records, details who has accessed them in the past, and any associated information with simple, user-friendly configuration tailored to your company’s needs.

Transform the way you Access your Information

Documents, emails & records all on a unified interface.

Information Governance

Classifying, securing, archiving, and disposing of information.

electronic Document

Collaborating, versioning, and searching electronic documents.

Physical Records

Creating, labeling, storing, and retrieving physical records.


Business-Based Solutions

Incorporating client feedback and ideas has led to solutions that fit the specific regulatory and operational needs of a business.

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