REcords Management

Modernize your records management by switching to a 100% web-based platform that works either on-premises or in the cloud.

Information Governance

Automate your retention policies, workflow reviews, and disposition for all your files to ensure compliance.

Why FileTrail?

Our open architecture and seamless integrations with DM and ECM systems mean you’ll enjoy a single pane of glass to manage all your files.

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Here’s what customers say about why they love FileTrail

After evaluating numerous solutions, we kept coming back to FileTrail. In addition to its focus on law firms, what really made it stand out from the competition was its integration with NetDocuments. That integration was its biggest selling point. FileTrail’s interface is very similar to NetDocuments, which makes it easy to use right from the start.
— David Worth, CIO, Nelson Mullins
We looked at both FileTrail and iManage Govern. In the end, we decided that FileTrail would better support the firm’s strategic goals in terms of business and technology infrastructure. We can deploy FileTrail either on-premise or in the cloud and its simple user interface makes it easy to navigate and train on. We like everything it offers.
— Brian Creona, application development manager for Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg LLP
FileTrail is the best-written software I have seen in 30 years of implementing systems.
— Hal Hubbard, IT, Korn Law

Manage everything with a single pane of glass

Schedule all your file retention and disposition. Automate every process. Sit back and let our software do the day-to-day work.



Industry Sectors

For more than 20 years, we have been creating tailor-made records management solutions for your regulatory and operational needs.

"I would recommend FileTrail to my peers because of their ability to tailor the system to every firm or organization’s needs. I like the abilities that FileTrail provides administratively that do not require programmer knowledge. It is very intuitive for us to make administrative changes to the system on our own. I would recommend it because FileTrail is always staying on top of or ahead of the emerging needs for their clients. "
— Bradlee Davis, Director of Records and Information Governance of Jackson Lewis