Alarming Exits

RFID has many great capabilities.  The long read-range of the FileTrail SmartSensor™ allows RFID to be used to prevent removal of files through an exit.  FileTrail's SmartAlarm™ provides control over an exit to prevent unauthorized removal of tagged items from that area. Each alarmed area can be set to sound a siren, activate a light, and send email notifications.

Each area covered by SmartAlarm can be configured individually.  This provides control over the combination of signaling to use – lights, siren, or email notification.  SmartAlarm automatically ignores archived records, allowing their removal or return to the facility.

RFID tags carried in from external sources are automatically ignored -- this is important as RFID tags will soon be in every laptop, most uniforms, and many retail products.

While SmartAlarm provides great benefits to FileTrail customers, it is not a security system.  RFID can be defeated with simple measures, like removing the documents you want from the file, or placing the files in a metal briefcase. 

SmartAlarm is best used to prevent accidental removal, or removal where records can be handled by the public.

Both reports may be found on the My File Room tab by selecting Reports from the 2nd-level menu.