Are You Overlooking the Management of Your Assets?

FileTrail's superior solutions for tracking and managing assets have recently received a lot of attention, as Microsoft publishes a case study on the implementation of FileTrail for SharePoint with RFID by Black Elk Energy. Black Elk is currently tracking and managing historical files with plans to roll out the system to include assets such as offshore equipment. Read the complete Microsoft case study here. Tracking and managing IT assets properly is essential for efficient and well managed data centers. Now more than ever, companies are reporting high rates of lost or stolen electronics resulting in high replacement costs. Data centers worldwide are experiencing tremendous pressure to cut costs and increase regulatory compliance of their IT assets. In response to these growing demands, organizations are increasingly turning to IT Asset Tracking systems for innovative and effective ways to achieve these goals.

FileTrail's AssetTrail is a highly effective IT Asset Tracking system that utilizes the sophisticated technology of RFID to eliminate issues inherent in outdated IT asset management systems and methods. FileTrail's solution is proven to greatly improve asset visibility, vastly reduce costs, and strengthen security to prevent unauthorized removal of an organization's valuable IT assets. Solution Benefits of FileTrail's IT AssetTrail include:

  • Visibility of IT Assets
  • Reduced Costs
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Faster Auditing
  • Loss Prevention