New Portable Bar Code Scanner Simplifies File Tracking

FileTrail has released a new portable barcode SmartMobile. This new SmartMobile features all the usual SmartMobile functionality on a smaller, lighter platform. A new-generation bar code scanner is capable of scanning low-quality or damaged bar codes from as far as two feet away. The new ergonomic design is packed full of features. At just over a pound (540 grams) it is easy to carry around for a long period of time. The 3-inch color touchscreen is backlit to support operations in sub-optimal lighting. It is super durable, and has been tested to withstand multiple 4 foot (1.2 meter) drops to concrete.

The FileTrail software installed on the device adds all the capabilities our clients expect. The Move, Audit and Detector functionality are all there. This provides complete tracking capabilities from creation, through active circulation, through boxing and archiving.

FileTrail is offering a discounted exchange for existing clients who are using any prior FTMobile or FTPortable bar code scanners. Clients who are interested should contact the FileTrail HelpDesk.


New RFID Tagging Function Simplifies Tracking

FileTrail has released a new feature for its two latest RFID SmartMobile models – the S214 and 3090.  Now, RFID Tags can be easily assigned using the portable RFID reader.  This allows back-conversion of items or tagging of new items without requiring that they be brought to a central desk.  This is a great breakthrough for clients using FileTrail to track file folders, boxes, assets, furniture or evidence.




Finding Missing Files

RFMobile now features an improved FileDetector tool to help you find specific files quickly. A tagged file can now be read from up to 8 feet away, allowing you to quickly determine if an office or cubicle contains a file you need to find. Once you know there is a file you need in a specific office, you can pinpoint the location of the file within 3 inches. Finding a critical file from among many is done in less time with almost no physical search. Running the scanner up and down a stack of files, or along a shelf generates an alert within 3 inches of the file.

The new FTMobile release features configurable sounds. You can add your own sound files to play at events like Upload Complete, Download Complete, Error, and other events. For kicks, we configured the scanner we use internally with these sounds.

Contact FileTrail to learn more about how FTMobile can cut the time to locate files by 90%.