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The New Silk Road

Imagine what it would be like to go from LA to SF in 35 minutes, London to Paris in 15, or Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 20?

Well the Hyperloop One team is taking us all one step closer to achieving the luxury of traveling faster than a jet plane, that is, over 760 mph on the ground. Hyperloop One took a trip to the Nevada desert last week for the Hyperloop Propulsion Open Air Test, where they built a track to test high-speed electric motors.

The Hyperloop technology was invented out of frustration with California’s plan to build a bullet train between San Francisco and Los Angeles, which would have been the slowest and most expensive bullet train per mile. Travel between two major California cities requires a quick and efficient mode of transportation, making Hyperloop One’s test run last week a major milestone in technology.


FileTrail has changed the face of records management in the same way Hyperloop One has revolutionized transportation FileTrail was started in 2000 out of the frustration of implementing Windows software that had to be installed on every desktop and big-stack software companies that made it difficult for their customers to select the best of breed. 

Because of this, we vowed to put the customer before profits.  That meant that every process had to be easy to use so that we didn’t need a thick manual. Improvement would be continual, using customer feedback. Every client would have an easy migration path so they can stay current with the latest enhancements, and integration would be built with any vendors who delivered the best value to the customer in their area. 


The result is a powerful and modern browser-based solution that works both on-premise and in the Cloud, which has tools to integrate with best of breed systems in DM, Intake, Conflicts, Holds, and more.  Our focus on the customer has led the FileTrail product to a place where Records Management staff provide better services to the firm, management has access to on-demand graphical reporting to support decisions, and IT no longer bears the burden of desktop installation and support.

Because of this start, FileTrail is the new Records Management standard for the top 250 AM Law firms. While Hyperloop One is achieving great improvements in transportation, we are achieving great things for large law firms.

Read about how you can test drive the FileTrail solution at no cost in the FileTrail Sandbox blog below.

Physical Records Just a Click Away


Psst.. Have you heard? FileTrail and NetDocuments are a thing now.

FileTrail and NetDocuments are excited to announce a technology partnership and integration for advanced physical records management available to NetDocuments customers. FileTrail for Physical Records combines physical records management with NetDocuments’ leading cloud-based document and email management service, allowing easy access and visibility to physical records in a unified space. The creation, retrieval, and retention of physical records in NetDocuments is made possible through an incredibly simple plugin powered by FileTrail. You are now just a click away from viewing, requesting, and managing your physical records, saving time, money, and improving your overall information governance.    

FileTrail includes lifecycle management for physical records through productivity tools for helping manage inbound and outbound records. As a leading provider of Physical Records Management, FileTrail services firms of all sizes, including the Am Law and Global 100 firms.


SharePoint 2010

It is no surprise that the release of SharePoint 2010 has taken information professionals by storm. Making many changes and improvements to SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010 boasts it's new features including increased social capabilities, an improved user friendly interface and better integration with other systems. Microsoft's vision of creating an enterprise platform for information applications and information professionals has conjured a great deal of interest and enthusiasm on this software. SharePoint 2010 can be broken down into 6 major components: sites, communities, content, search, insights and composites. To supplement these 6 components within SharePoint 2010, there have been a number of third party's creating additional tools and features zoning in on a specific component then expanding upon the capabilities. FileTrail is one of these third parties, providing a fully integrated view of physical and electronic records in SharePoint.

FileTrail for SharePoint adds complete physical records tracking and management to SharePoint. This allows organizations to access and manage both their electronic and physical records through a single integrated solution. Finally, organizations can leverage SharePoint compliance, workflow, and search tools for all their records.