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FileTrail Establishes Distribution with Ali Bin Ali

FileTrail establishes distribution agreement with Ali Bin Ali Technology Solution, ABATS, for Gulf Corporation Council, GCC, region.

FileTrail President Darrell Mervau at ABATS offices in Qatar.

ABATS will sell and distribute FileTrail products throughout the region.


FileTrail Now Up On NetDocuments' Marketplace

FileTrail for Physical Records Now Available on NetDocuments' Marketplace

FileTrail is excited to announce a partnership with NetDocuments for advanced Physical Records Management (PRM). FileTrail has integrated their PRM system into NetDocuments cloud document and email management services. Through an easy to deploy plugin for NetDocuments, FileTrail offers full visibility to your physical records within a unified workspace. All of your sensitive client matter data, whether electronic or physical, can be seen in a centralized location, accessible with a simple point and click.

Visibility and Ease of Use to Obtain Business Goals

FileTrail’s PRM solution through NetDocuments is able to meet and exceed the most demanding requirements of Law Firms. By offering an effortless PRM solution where files and folders can be seen within one location, FileTrail will improve workflow needs by increasing productivity for attorneys and support staff. Whether at one office or 50, stored in the same building, or with an offsite vendor, physical records are now made easy.

FileTrail’s plugin will offer visibility to physical records in a unified view with your electronic documents. The creation, retrieval, and retention of physical records can be openly managed through NetDocuments cloud service. A browser based PRM solution provided by FileTrail and NetDocuments will simplify the way you think about physical records.

Specifically designed tools to help with on boarding and lateral moves, saves the firm time and money. FileTrail offers the best solution for law firms by minimizing compliance and litigation risks through a PRM solution built around good information lifecycle management. FileTrail for physical records provides compliance and regulation driven PRM, to meet legal obligations and business values, in addition to the defensible disposal of data.

FileTrail and NetDocuments: Physical Records Integration

FileTrail and NetDocuments has powered up to offer physical records management for NetDocuments.  With FileTrail’s easy to use plugin for NetDocuments, there will be no need to utilize separate platforms in order to search for, request, or obtain physical records. Visit the NetDocuments' Marketplace, today. Physical Records are now just a click away.


For more information, please visit our legal page and check out our datasheet.

Physical Records Just a Click Away


Psst.. Have you heard? FileTrail and NetDocuments are a thing now.

FileTrail and NetDocuments are excited to announce a technology partnership and integration for advanced physical records management available to NetDocuments customers. FileTrail for Physical Records combines physical records management with NetDocuments’ leading cloud-based document and email management service, allowing easy access and visibility to physical records in a unified space. The creation, retrieval, and retention of physical records in NetDocuments is made possible through an incredibly simple plugin powered by FileTrail. You are now just a click away from viewing, requesting, and managing your physical records, saving time, money, and improving your overall information governance.    

FileTrail includes lifecycle management for physical records through productivity tools for helping manage inbound and outbound records. As a leading provider of Physical Records Management, FileTrail services firms of all sizes, including the Am Law and Global 100 firms.


FileTrail's Jim Merrifield to deliver closing keynote at InfoGovCon 2014

FileTrail is a proud platinum sponsor of this year's Information Governance Conference  ("InfoGovCon")- September 8-10 2014 in Hartford, Connecticut. Join us and other industry thought leaders at this inaugural event which will discuss the best and brightest ways organizations are governing their information. Whether you're in IT, Records Management, Information Management, Legal/eDiscovery, Policy, Security, Privacy, etc. and no matter what industry your in, you will benefit from the wealth of information provided at InfoGovCon.

This year's closing keynote will be given by Jim Merrifield, Director of Information Governance at FileTrail.

Session Details

Moving Forward: The Application of Information Governance

The term “Information Governance” (IG) is probably the hottest topic in our industry today. It has been written about thousands of times, presented at events hundreds of times and defined at least a half dozen times. By now, we all understand what it is and why it’s important. Now is the time to stop talking about it and start applying it in our organizations. If we don’t, we are just wasting our time.

In this session, attendee’s will

  • Develop skills to sell IG to C-Level
  • Gain insight from organizations who are applying IG
  • Receive practical tips to get started

For more information and to REGISTER, please visit the conference website: InfoGovCon

See you all in Hartford!





FileTrail Inc. Launches New Division to Serve Growing RFID Market

RFTrail is FileTrail Inc.’s new division focusing on Enterprise RFID systems for managing and tracking physical assets through the company’s Unified Asset Management solution. RFTrail was launched in response to the increasing need for companies to manage multiple classes of assets within a single comprehensive solution.

San Jose, CA – January 15, 2013 – FileTrail Inc., the leading provider of records management and RFID solutions, today announced they have launched a new division that focuses on Enterprise RFID systems for managing and tracking physical assets through their Unified Asset Management solution. RFTrail – – focuses on Enterprise RFID systems for managing and tracking physical assets through their Unified Asset Management solution. This new division was launched in response to the increasing need for companies to manage multiple classes of assets with a single comprehensive solution. Hundreds of RFTrail clients have experienced the benefits of tracking physical assets using RFTrail's Unified Asset Management approach that yields immediate benefits. This advanced Smart software’s user-friendly interface allows users to view the status, location and history of assets, while its easy-to-use tools let users manage assets throughout their lifecycle.

“RFTrail is bringing the next generation of RFID software to the market place today,” said Darrell Mervau, President of FileTrail and RFTrail. “Our Smart software approach brings a set of tools which are configurable to meet any asset’s requirements - including security, compliance, chain of custody reporting and more. Utilizing our extensive and unmatched experience with RFID technology, coupled with our Smart software approach, we can deploy systems which have a substantially faster ROI,” concluded Mervau.

RFTrail’s solutions scale to meet the needs of any organization - from the Global Fortune 500 customer to the small and medium size enterprise. The Smart software approach allows RFTrail to tailor solutions for specific industries and to meet any company’s unique needs without the need for custom development. RFTrail’s RFID solutions allow organizations to benefit from ensured compliance, increased asset visibility, strengthened security and streamlined auditing processes.

“RFTrail fills an important and unmet need in the market for Unified Asset Management solutions,” continued Mervau. “We have systems deployed on five continents and RFTrail caters to a broad category of vertical markets seeking to gain control of their assets. Our customer-proven Enterprise RFID system has been exceeding the expectations of our customers since 2002.”

View the complete press release here.