Ensure Compliance with RFID

Organizations in all industries are facing the challenge of meeting regulatory compliance. With increasing government regulations and a rise in internal regulations, ensuring the compliance of assets has become both necessary and demanding. Fortunately, the utilization of RFID technology provides organization with an easy and efficient way to ensure compliance. With FileTrail RFID your assets are tracked as they move, allowing you to view an asset's current location and its location history. The knowledge of knowing where an asset has been provides critical data on asset usage. This heightened level of asset visibility also provides organizations with key information for purchasing, initial deployment, movement and disposition.

FileTrail's SmartMobile works to satisfy compliance by completing audits in a fraction of the time traditional audits require. This light-weight portable RFID reader works like a metal detector to conduct audits and locate missing items. Cut audit completion time by 85% and perform audits more frequently. The audit discrepancy reports help with reconciliation and accountability. Ensure your organization is equipped with the highest level of accountability, control and efficiency with FileTrail RFID.

Simplify Tracking with RFID Tagging Function

FileTrail's SmartMobile includes a feature for RFID tagging. Now, RFID Tags can be easily assigned using the portable RFID reader. This allows back-conversion of items or tagging of new items without requiring that they be brought to a central desk. This is a great breakthrough for clients using FileTrail to track file folders, boxes, assets, furniture or evidence.

Physical Records Management in SharePoint 2010

Are you managing your physical records in SharePoint 2010? FileTrail for SharePoint allows you to manage your physical records along side your electronic records within the SharePoint platform. With FileTrail for SharePoint you can apply native SharePoint functionality to your physical records. The solution also adds additional functionality such as compliance tools, RFID technology to track current location of items, federated retention and legal holds.

FileTrail for SharePoint- Watch this video to learn how FileTrail for SharePoint completes your Enterprise Content Management Solution.

Geiger Counter Makes it Easy to Find Missing Items

Searching for missing files can be both time consuming and frustration. Often times these files cannot even be found. FileTrail's Geiger counter feature makes it easy to find missing items. The Geiger counter, which has received a lot of praise from FileTrail clients, works as a detector allowing users to hunt for misplaced or misfiled items. Now with the Geiger Counter feature, once a missing item is detected you hear the Geiger Counter, which indicates in real time when you are getting closer to the detected item. This helps you zero in and find the missing item.

Passive Tracking in an Office Environment

The latest RFID technology - called Ultra-High Frequency, or UHF - started gaining support in 2003.  Wal-Mart announced their RFID Initiative in July 2003, and similar announcements followed from Kroger, Tesco, Boeing, and the US Department of Defense. Whole new industries like Pharmaceutical and Asset Management would join the RFID market, 2nd and 3rd tier companies in the Retail and Grocers industries would join.

FileTrail introduced the Passive Tracking concept for the office. This overcame the limitation of bar coding, primarily the difficulty of getting staff to scan bar codes every time a file moves.  With RFID, files are checked out and transferred automatically as they move from office-to-office.  Files virtually tell the system where they are, saving time by eliminating searches for files. Another benefit is the increased efficiency of universal access to an online inventory of files, boxes, and documents.

The unique capabilities of UHF RFID are the key to Passive Tracking.  Long distance reading means that placement of hardware can be far less invasive than previous RFID technologies.  RFID sensors can be placed in drop-ceilings completely out of sight.  They can also be mounted under desks, keeping the employees work area surface completely clear, automatically updating the location of the files inFileTrail.  Any employee needing a file can quickly locate it using the FileTrail Search screen.

The floorplan below demonstrates the different RFID zones setup throughout an office.