FileTrail Adds RFID to SharePoint Physical Record Management Suite Providing Clients with Enhanced Compliance and Automatic Location Tracking

FileTrail implements a new solution combining physical records management with RFID technology in SharePoint, providing clients using SharePoint as their Enterprise platform the added benefits of enhanced compliance and automatic location tracking.  

San Jose, CA – August 2, 2011 – FileTrail Inc. – – the leading provider of physical records management solutions, today announced the successful integration of RFID technology with FileTrail for SharePoint, their SharePoint-based compliance and tracking suite. RFID technology expands the capabilities of FileTrail’s existing physical records management functionality in SharePoint2010 in several ways. The first benefit is RFID enhances management and compliance of physical records. Secondly, RFID cuts the time to audit by as much as 85 percent and streamlines movement-based transactions such as check-in, check-out, boxing for storage, and more acting as a faster-than-bar coding tool. Finally, RFID enforces security in ways bar coding cannot, namely by securing exits and monitoring business rules which restrict movement of physical records to certain locations.

“FileTrail for SharePoint has been well received by clients across numerous industry sectors,” stated Darrell Mervau, President of FileTrail. “However, our clients in the legal, biotech, and energy sectors have been at the forefront when it comes to requesting our RFID technology.”

RFID technology increases the capabilities of physical records management by automating the processes of locating misplaced records. For many companies a major source of frustration and wasted labor comes from improperly filed records, resulting in the need to search offices and cubicles to locate them. In order to eradicate this inconvenience, FileTrail developed tools to use RFID to locate misplaced files similar to using a metal detector. In addition, FileTrail’s RFID technology is capable of automating file and box location tracking. When FileTrail’s RFID sensors are placed in offices’ drop-ceilings or under work surfaces, they automatically record the location of physical records as they arrive in cubicles or offices, pass through doorways, or reach key locations in the workflow.

“FileTrail continues to hold the leadership position in our industry because year-after-year we focus on being the best at physical records management – we do one thing and we do it better than anyone,” said Tom Pemberton, VP of Product Strategy at FileTrail. “With our latest innovation, we have combined our leadership in SharePoint-based solutions with our expertise in RFID technology to meet the needs of the market for physical item compliance and management,” concluded Pemberton.

FileTrail will be presenting on the use of RFID for compliance and tracking in Washington, DC at SharePoint Saturday The Conference this August. This October, FileTrail will also be demonstrating SharePoint and RFID solutions at the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, CA and at the ARMA International Conference in Washington, DC.