FileTrail for SharePoint 4.1

FileTrail is preparing the release of FileTrail for SharePoint 4.1 on December 31st of this year.  This release features several new capabilities and enhancement to many existing features. Scalability  FileTrail for SharePoint is now infinitely scalable, allowing Physical Records Management to be added to any number of Document Libraries or Document Sets in any number of Sites, Site Collections, and Farms from a single point of control. 

Localization  Language localization goes hand-in-hand with scalability, above, as we roll out in large enterprises.  Users can now select their own language from English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, or Dutch.  Portuguese and Chinese (traditional simplified) are already planned.

Ribbon Bar Options   The SharePoint Ribbon Bar has been enhanced with more options.  The role of the Physical Item Ribbon has been to provide batch functionality, such as boxing files, requesting retrieval and setting favorite items.  New options on the ribbon bar allow printing of bar code or color coded strip labels from the user’s queue of labels for recently created records.

Color Coded Labeling   For the first time you can print color coded end tab folder labels from SharePoint.  Designs can be configured for any labelstock, allowing you to continue to purchase labelstock from your current supplier.  Labels may contain bar codes, color codes, and text.  The designer allows placement to be finely adjusted and colors set to match existing labels.

Dynamic Dashboard   The Physical Records Dashboard has been enhanced with additional metrics.  FileTrail’s unique approach makes it automatically adjust to fit the individual user.  Different but appropriate sets of metrics and functionality are presented to the CRM, file room manager, file room worker, records coordinator and archivist.

Cloud Computing   In recent years Cloud Computing, formerly called Hosted Solutions or Software-as-a-Service, has become a popular option.  It reduces capital outlay in exchange for a monthly fee.  FileTrail has used Cloud-compatible development tools since 2001, when we first began hosting solutions for our clients.  The newest release of our product continues to utilize this technology as Cloud computing has become accepted by large enterprises and interest in hosting SharePoint solutions is increasing dramatically.

Seamless UI   FileTrail for SharePoint is the only Physical Records Management tool for SharePoint that keeps the user experience within the SharePoint UI.  In addition, meta data is stored in SharePoint so there is no replication of classification, meta data, etc. with an external repository.  This ensures the best user experience that unifies physical and electronic records management. 

Simplified Administration   The ability of FileTrail for SharePoint to use the built-in SharePoint tools, such as Retention, Legal Holds, Workflows, and more, simplifies administration.  Other products require separate definitions for physical records or synchronizing data, adding overhead and redundant work for CRMs.