Geiger Counter Makes it Easy to Find Missing Items

FileTrail clients are very excited about the new Geiger Counter function on the portable RFID SmartMobile.  The Geiger Counter can be activated from the Detector function, which is used to hunt for misplaced or misfiled items. Previously you would use the Detector function to hunt for missing items – you would survey each office or cubicle for 5 to 10 seconds.  If a missing item was detected you would hear alert sound and see a description displayed like below.

Now with the Geiger Counter feature, once missing item is detected you hear the Geiger Counter, which indicates in real time when you are getting closer to the detected item.  This helps you zero in and find the missing item.

Play the sound file at this link to hear the Geiger Counter as someone looks for and locates a missing item:

The Geiger Counter is available on the 3090 device (pictured below), but is not available on prior portable RFID readers.  The memory capacity of the 3090 accommodates in excess of 50,000 transactions.  Uploads are fast with an upload of 5,000 transactions completing in 90 to 100 seconds.

FileTrail is offering a heavily discounted exchange to the 3090 for existing clients who are using any prior portable RFID readers.   Clients who are interested should contact the FileTrail HelpDesk.