Getting Started in SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 covers an extensive variety of business functions ranging from website creation, collaboration, information management, and assembling business solutions. With its many functions and capabilities, SharePoint is often overwhelming to new users. The most challenging part can be understanding where to start. It's important to first identify the resources available to you. A great starting point is the SharePoint website which features resources for IT professionals, developers and end users. The resource section contains valuable information on getting started, developing your skills and getting additional support for any unanswered questions. You can visit the SharePoint 2010 website here:

If you're answers aren't completely answered through the resources available on the SharePoint 2010 website or you want a more comprehensive understanding of the software, connect with SharePoint community by subscribing to blogs, following experts on Twitter, making connections on Facebook, joining LinkedIn groups and contributing to online forums.

For those who are more visual learners, another alternative is acquiring information and training via video tutorials. You can opt for a basic video covering the features of the software to start then explore videos covering specific functions and capabilities in more depth.

Helpful Videos: What is SharePoint? SharePoint 2010 Essential Training

Completing Your ECM Platform in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 - Getting Started

In a similar approach, complimentary webinars are often available to the general public. Stay up to date on the most recent webinars by joining online communities and groups. Missed out on a webinar you wanted to attend? Don't fret, the companies that sponsor these webinars usually post a recording on their website or send it out to registrants unable to attend.

The bottom line is this, SharePoint 2010 is easily intimidating but the resources you need are out there. With the variety of online resources available to you, you can become a SharePoint expert in no time.