Increase Productivity with SharePoint 2010

A fast paced work environment is often hectic and overwhelming, fortunately SharePoint 2010 can remedy the chaos while increasing productivity. With its powerful tools for collaboration, SharePoint better equips employees to communicate effectively with one another. Improved communication helps employees solve problems and make important decisions with the information they need. The collaboration features within SharePoint allow users to share information faster and more securely. Better communication increases productivity and benefits the company as a whole.

SharePoint 2010 also increases productivity by making information retrieval instant. Searching for certain documents is usually a time consuming task that cuts back on the productivity of employees. With SharePoint's powerful search capabilities, it takes no longer than a few seconds. FileTrail for SharePoint takes it a step further and adds complete physical record management within the SharePoint platform.

FileTrail for SharePoint allows users to view their physical documents alongside their electronic documents in SharePoint. This integrated solution leverages SharePoint's compliance, workflow, and search tools. FileTrail for SharePoint extends the functionality of SharePoint by adding tools specifically for physical records. Take your electronic content management system and your organization to another level.