Increase SharePoint User Adoption

User adoption is essential in unleashing the true potential of SharePoint. SharePoint 2010 is a powerful platform with the capability to revolutionize an organization. The hard part is often getting the whole team on board. Such a transition is difficult for users, but FileTrail has five helpful tips for increasing user adoption in SharePoint 2010:

  • Inform users ahead of time of the SharePoint implementation. Keeping users updated avoids the shock factor and allows them to prepare for the changes to come. Small reminders during meetings or included in emails is a good way to keep up communication about the migration.
  • Provide education and training resources. Making sure your team is prepared before the will make user adoption faster and easier. Microsoft provides many free training options that will get users knowledgeable and excited about the platform.
  • Get comments, feedback, and suggestions. Take the time to talk with users on their concerns or questions prior to migration. Getting their feedback will allow you to respond to their reservations.
  • Ensure proper migration of content. Migration tools help with completing complex migrations of content, making this stage of the implementation as smooth as possible. Transferring data into SharePoint will ensure users are utilizing SharePoint to enter and access data.
  • Reward early adopters. Create a reward process that provides incentive. The reward does not necessarily have to be monetary, feel free to be creative and make SharePoint adoption fun!