Managing Records in SharePoint 2010

In developing SharePoint 2010, Microsoft sought to improve the capabilities of records management in terms of retention and policies. Although the platform has come a long way since the 2007 version, there are still gaps that have been left unfilled. Partners play a vital role in providing solutions to supplement the functionality of SharePoint for the specific needs of companies and organizations. Physical records management in particular, is an area with limited capabilities in SharePoint. Fortunately the FileTrail for SharePoint solutions allows companies and organizations to effectively manage and track physical items within SharePoint. FileTrail for SharePoint makes it possible for users to view and manage their physical items side by side with their electronic items while leveraging SharePoint compliance, workflow, and search tools for all records.

FileTrail for SharePoint allows users to:

  • Track physical items using black and white or color-coded barcodes and RFID
  • Apply native SharePoint functionality to physical records: such as built-in legal hold, retention, disposition, workflows and security
  • View physical and electronic records in document library
  • Automate retention and disposition of electronic records
  • Apply retention policies, legal holds and workflows to physical and electronic records
  • Utilize integrated Search for all record types
  • Localize to any language
  • Integrate with commercial records centers for simply retrieval and transmittal
  • Automatically track physical records using FileTrail's SmartOffice RFID technology