Microsoft Publishes Case Study on Black Elk Energy's Implementation of FileTrail for SharePoint.

Black Elk Energy specializes in increasing oil and gas production while lowering costs. To make acquired wells profitable, Black Elk needs to process reams of historical documentation; however, managing rising tides of paper was becoming increasingly difficult. To gain the same records management efficiencies with paper that it enjoyed with electronic documents stored in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Black Elk deployed FileTrail for SharePoint. Black Elk has improved paper records handling efficiency by 25 percent and decreased the rate of hiring document management staff, a cost avoidance of US$100,000. Staff can more quickly mine the valuable data buried in paper files and can make newly acquired assets productive sooner. The solution has been so successful that Black Elk plans to extend the tracking capabilities of FileTrail to other physical assets, such as offshore equipment. Read the complete case study here.