New Portable Bar Code Scanner Simplifies File Tracking

FileTrail has released a new portable barcode SmartMobile. This new SmartMobile features all the usual SmartMobile functionality on a smaller, lighter platform. A new-generation bar code scanner is capable of scanning low-quality or damaged bar codes from as far as two feet away. The new ergonomic design is packed full of features. At just over a pound (540 grams) it is easy to carry around for a long period of time. The 3-inch color touchscreen is backlit to support operations in sub-optimal lighting. It is super durable, and has been tested to withstand multiple 4 foot (1.2 meter) drops to concrete.

The FileTrail software installed on the device adds all the capabilities our clients expect. The Move, Audit and Detector functionality are all there. This provides complete tracking capabilities from creation, through active circulation, through boxing and archiving.

FileTrail is offering a discounted exchange for existing clients who are using any prior FTMobile or FTPortable bar code scanners. Clients who are interested should contact the FileTrail HelpDesk.