Print Color Coded Labels in SharePoint

FileTrail for SharePoint has made it possible, for the first time, to print color coded folder labels from inside SharePoint. The two key points about it are that the process is simple and intuitive, and the label designs are flexible enough to work for you. The process of printing color coded folder labels is very intuitive. Staff who create new folders enter metadata into the standard SharePoint metadata form. As each record is saved it is added to a queue in the user’s private Creation Cart. This queue accumulates indefinitely, so the user can enter a few records then finish their task later, after lunch, for example, without fear of losing any data.

Once all the records have been entered the user can open their Creation Cart from the Physical Item Ribbon Bar. From the Creation Cart the user can print any bar coded or color coded labels that have been defined for the particular types of records they have entered. Once labels have been printed, the user confirms the printing is done and clears the cart with a single click.

The label designer tool provides flexibility in many ways. First, several standard color sets are built in, but colors can be easily adjusted so that you can get a perfect match to your existing labeling. In addition, any labelstock can be used. This means that you can continue to use the labels you are already using, and continue buying them from your current vendor.

Finally, the label generation tool allows a number of capabilities that give you the ultimate flexibility. First, label designs that are for the same labelstock to be mixed on the same page, so you no longer have to print multiple batches. Also, you can specify which label to start on, allowing you to print to a partially-used page of labels and reduce waste. Finally, you can specify how many copies to print, in cases where you need multiples of the same label.

Sample color coded label on an Avery 5161 label (1” x 4”)