RFID Tags Allow You to Track Anything

FileTrail offers a variety of tags for different types of items.  Here are a few of them

  • Paper-based records and media – With over 10 Million tags deployed for documents, file folders and boxes, FileTrail is the leading provider of RFID FileTracking solutions.
  • IT assets – FileTrail tracks and manages technology assets with RFID, including iPads, laptops, rack servers, disk drives, monitors, and more.
  • Furniture – Assignment and periodic audits are made simple with RFID tags for wood, plastic, and metal surfaces.
  • Property & Evidence – RFID tags for evidence bags & boxes, weapons, and property yard items provide both location assignment and perimeter control to secure items.
  • Weapons – Specialized RFID tags for handguns, rifles, and other weapons provide location assignment, rapid auditing and perimeter control to secure items.
  • People – With experience tracking both employees and cadavers, FileTrail has the right body tag for everybody and everybody.