Ribbon Bar Manages Physical Records in FileTrail for SharePoint 4.1

In SharePoint the Ribbon Bar is a key tool that allows users to perform frequent actions and actions against multiple records.  In an out-of-the-box SharePoint implementation, the Ribbon Bar gives users access to functions such as creating a new document, uploading new documents, checking out multiple documents and more.  However, all of these functions are used with electronic records.  FileTrail created the Physical Item Ribbon Bar because SharePoint has no functions that deal with the unique needs of physical items and records.  This Ribbon Bar appears in SharePoint automatically once the document library has been registered.

The Physical Item Ribbon Bar provides tools for staff who are responsible for creating new records.  The New Physical Item function supports creation of new records.  While bar coded and even color coded labels may be printed from the Ribbon Bar.  Labels can also be re-printed if needed.

The Physical Item Ribbon Bar provides tools for staff who are responsible for archiving.  Staff can create new boxes using pre-printed bar code labels from their vendor, then fill boxes with records using a bar code scanner or search-and-select.  Staff can also search and request retrieval of archived records.

The Records Manager is also given tools for monitoring the activity of staff who use the Physical Records Ribbon Bar.  Oversight of boxes created and staged help determine the timing to order pickup by a storage vendor.  Similarly, the Records Manager monitors requests for retrieval, acting as a gatekeeper to control costs by controlling request priority and pooling requests into an order once or twice per day.

The Physical Item Ribbon Bar provides many other tools for staff to work with and process physical items and records.  In addition, the key built-in features of SharePoint – including retention, legal holds, work flow, and more – work seamlessly on physical and electronic records.

The Physical Records Ribbon Bar provides users with functions specific to handling physical records.