Is SharePoint 2010 a Records Management System?

In order to understand if SharePoint 2010 can be considered a Records Management System it is essential to understand what records management is. Records management is the maintenance of records within an organization, which includes security, retention, disposition, compliance, workflows. Currently many companies are using SharePoint to manage their records. Though the platform is different from traditional records management systems, SharePoint 2010 was designed with tools for managing records. Records management features included in SharePoint incorporate search tools, compliance, audit reports, retention schedules, workflows among other tools. However, many organizations are still finding the need to extend the Records Management functionality through third party vendors.

FileTrail for SharePoint fills the demand for physical records management within SharePoint. The solution integrates electronic and physical documents in document library making it easier to manage all documents through one platform. Through FileTrail for SharePoint, users can utilize the native SharePoint functionality for physical records, including built-in legal hold, retention, disposition, workflows and security. Added tools to manage physical records including current location and request retrieval allowing records managers to gain control of physical items.

The excitement surrounding FileTrail's trailblazing FileTrail for SharePoint solution has spurred a case study by Microsoft featuring FileTrail's client Black Elk Energy. Black Elk had adopted the SharePoint solution but needed to extend the capabilities for managing their multiple volumes of physical files. Read Microsoft's case study, showcasing the success Black Elk Energy has already realized through FileTrail for SharePoint.