Batch Update

Batch Update

Batch Update provides the ability to edit a user-defined field for multiple records in a single action.  This is ideal for updating a status or responding to a business event that affects multiple records. Batch Update is similar to other FileTrail transactions like Check-Out, Check-In, Request, and others.  All these transactions can be performed against dozens of records as a batch.  While other FileTrail transactions update location and request information, the Batch Update tool operates on user-defined fields - those fields that have been tailored to your specific needs. Here are a few examples of how clients have used the Batch Update tool:

°  When loans are sold on secondary markets, I get a list of loan files to pull.  Batch update lets me put the date into my Sold Date fields for 50 or 100 records all at once.

°  When a project is completed I search on the Project field to retrieve all the records for that project.  Batch update lets me set the Completion date so that retention starts counting down.

°  When a female patient marries and changes her name, I can retrieve all volume of the chart in my Search Cart and use Batch Update to update the last name field.

The Batch Update tool requires that the user be granted the Batch Update Privilege.  If you do not see the Batch Update button in Carts where CheckIn or CheckOut appear, contact your System Administrator about your need to use the Batch Update Privilege.