FileTrail SDK

Integration Tools

Demand for integration has been increasing in recent years. As organizations implement more browser-based applications it becomes easier to provide real-time integration with FileTrail. A number of FileTrail clients have already purchased the FileTrail SDK, which includes a number of tools for integration, including the ability to launch FileTrail pages or retrieve data through Web Service functions.

To take advantage of these integration tools, the system you are trying to integrate from should be browser-based and allow for programmatic customization of the screen.  An easy way to inquire about this is to ask your IT staff, or the system vendor, if you are allowed to add links, buttons, or external function calls to a particular screen.

One law firm recently completed their integration with less than 8 hours of work by an IT person.  The result was that attorneys and staff can see what physical records exist.  They can click to see the item details or location history.  In addition, they can select one or more of the physical records and place a request for retrieval directly into FileTrail.

The benefit of integration in this case is that the firm gained a complete physical records management system that everyone could use.  The integration tools allowed them to add key FileTrail functionality to the system that 99% of their employees were already using.  Because no training was required and the transition was easy for staff, there was a high user adoption of tools designed to save them time.