Geiger Counter

Geiger Counter Makes it Easy to Find Missing Items

Searching for missing files can be both time consuming and frustration. Often times these files cannot even be found. FileTrail's Geiger counter feature makes it easy to find missing items. The Geiger counter, which has received a lot of praise from FileTrail clients, works as a detector allowing users to hunt for misplaced or misfiled items. Now with the Geiger Counter feature, once a missing item is detected you hear the Geiger Counter, which indicates in real time when you are getting closer to the detected item. This helps you zero in and find the missing item.

The Benefits of RFID Handheld Readers

RFID handheld readers have gained a lot of attention from companies utilizing or considering utilizing an RFID system to manage their physical items. With the many unique benefits they provide, companies are opting for handheld readers to accomplish tasks that their fixed readers are unable to. RFID handheld readers provide the following benefits:

  • Portable and light-weight: You're able to carry around a handheld where ever your physical assets may be stored, including areas fixed readers may not reach.
  • Easy-to-use: The point and shoot technology of RFID handhelds makes it easy enough for any staff member to use. Handheld's often have a user friendly and intuitive screen, often programmed to give audible cues for guidance.
  • Cost-effective: The versatility of a RFID handheld allows organizations to purchase and support less devices.
  • Efficiency: RFID handhelds do not require a direct line of site to read tags and the read range on certain models can reach up to 20 feet.

With FileTrail RFID, the benefits of handheld readers are extended for even more functionality. FileTrail's SmartMobile is a light-weight portable RFID reader that lets you take the benefits of RFID wherever you go. The FileTrail SmartMobile allows you to:

  • Locate misplaced items: Eliminate lost or missing items using FileTrail's Geiger counter tool. Similar to a metal detector, the handheld reader will beep louder the closer you get to a missing item.
  • Cut Auditing Time: Automate your entire inventory process. FileTrail RFID simplifies auditing and cuts audit completion time by more than 85%
  • Increase Accountability: Audit discrepancy reports help with reconciliation and accountability. Uploading data from the handheld updates the item location and chain-of-custody.
  • Reduce Costs: Reduce labor costs while ensuring you have an accurate overview of all physical items, allowing for faster access to data.

FileTrail's E-Signature Module Achieves Compliance with FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 Requirement

San Jose, CA – August 30, 2011 - FileTrail Inc. – – the leading provider of physical records management solutions, today announced they have achieved compliance with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation 21 CFR Part 11 via their e-Signature Module. The part 11 requirement defines the criteria in which electronic records and electronic signatures are considered trustworthy, reliable and equivalent to paper records. The e-Signature Module was first implemented by a global pharmaceutical company in early 2011 and the client already has witnessed dramatic benefits. By using the e-Signature Module, the pharmaceutical client has eliminated the need for a wet signature when checking out, browsing, or transferring GxP documents. The FileTrail solution as a whole has automated compliance and tracking of the pharmaceutical company’s diverse set of auditable documents and biologic samples leveraging both bar code and RFID technology. The e-Signature Module is fully integrated into FileTrail’s configuration engine and is highly configurable – allowing configuration of which types of transactions require an electronic signature and if a reason code or textual explanation may be entered. Additionally, an electronic signature of a witness can be configured as optional or required for each type of transaction. Information about the signature is displayed in the item’s history, including the initial electronic signature, reason, as well as the witness electronic signature. This information also is available in the audit report for presentation to internal and external auditors.

Read the complete press release here.

Geiger Counter Makes it Easy to Find Missing Items

FileTrail clients are very excited about the new Geiger Counter function on the portable RFID SmartMobile.  The Geiger Counter can be activated from the Detector function, which is used to hunt for misplaced or misfiled items. Previously you would use the Detector function to hunt for missing items – you would survey each office or cubicle for 5 to 10 seconds.  If a missing item was detected you would hear alert sound and see a description displayed like below.

Now with the Geiger Counter feature, once missing item is detected you hear the Geiger Counter, which indicates in real time when you are getting closer to the detected item.  This helps you zero in and find the missing item.

Play the sound file at this link to hear the Geiger Counter as someone looks for and locates a missing item:

The Geiger Counter is available on the 3090 device (pictured below), but is not available on prior portable RFID readers.  The memory capacity of the 3090 accommodates in excess of 50,000 transactions.  Uploads are fast with an upload of 5,000 transactions completing in 90 to 100 seconds.

FileTrail is offering a heavily discounted exchange to the 3090 for existing clients who are using any prior portable RFID readers.   Clients who are interested should contact the FileTrail HelpDesk.