SaaS Gains Momentum

Big business has reached a tipping point in acceptance of Software as a Service applications.  Known also as hosted solutions, SaaS has been around as long as browser-based applications but has only gained momentum recently. Broader acceptance of the SaaS model is evidenced by the size of recent contracts. has blazed the SaaS trail with a growing number of mega-accounts, including Japan Post with 40,000 users and Citibank with 30,000 users.  Microsoft and other SaaS providers also see a growing number of large accounts. 

The SaaS concept delivers many advantages.  First, the client gains all the power of the application without the huge initial capital outlay that comes with traditional licensing.  Also, since the application and data are managed by the vendor the client organization avoids the cost of infrastructure and labor to maintain infrastructure and application.  Finally, the application is easily deployed without installing software at every PC.

FileTrail has been providing hosted solutions to clients since 2001.  As a leader in records management, FileTrail was first to market with a 100% browser-based records management solution and first to provide records management solutions under the SaaS model.  Recently we have seen larger companies signing up for our hosted solutions, including Allied Capital, AIG Valic, Duke Energy, St. Luke’s Hospital and others.

"We chose a hosted system from FileTrail in 2001 because budgeting kept us from implementing a system in-house," said Marc Merrill, a Management Consultant with Glenn M. Gelman & Associates. "Once we made our decision, we were up and running in a very short period of time."

"Having FileTrail host the system on their servers was a great decision," said Stephen P. Paschall, a Partner at Lovett Bookman Harmon Marks LLP. "Since we started in 2003, we have never had to worry about doing backups, upgrading software or installing software at anyone's desk."

"By choosing FileTrail's hosting solution, we avoided having to expand our IT infrastructure to accommodate an in-house hosting option," said Joshua Teeple, CPA, CFE, Director of Litigation Technology Services at Grobstein, Horwath & Company LLP.

FileTrail is the leading provider of browser-based records management solutions. FileTrail provides traditional applications licensing, as well as on-demand, SaaS for clients in many industries.  A FileTrail hosted solution automates records management with lower capital costs.