Special Promotion

FileTrail's Annual Food Bank Donation

Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means so is FileTrail's Annual Food Bank Donation. Every Holiday season FileTrail is filled with deep gratitude and appreciation for our many blessing throughout the year. In our quest to give back to the community FileTrail has made it an annual tradition to donate turkeys and canned food to local food banks so those unable to afford it during these tough times are still given the opportunity to experience the comfort of a traditional Holiday dinner. This year we invite all our clients to take part in FileTrail's Annual Food Bank Donation through a special promotional offer available for the holiday. Clients that buy 10,000 paper labels or 1,000 RFID tags will have a turkey donated to a local food bank on their behalf. If you would like to take the opportunity to give back this season while also receiving something in return, please contact FileTrail and be sure to mention our holiday promotion.

Today we had our first round of food bank donations just in time for Thanksgiving. We were able to bring plenty of trukeys and canned foods to Sacred Heart and Second Harvest Food Bank here in San Jose, CA. If you would like to participate in our special Holiday Promotion it is not too late. Please contact customerservice@filetrail.com for more information or to place your order today.

For updates on FileTrail's Food Bank Donations, or to see more pictures visit our Facebook site: FileTrail's Facebook Page