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3 Steps to Protect Against Cyber Breaches

As an organization protecting sensitive data, you do everything in your power to prevent cyber breaches. However, you do wonder how easy it can be for someone to break into your system and take all that they want. Hacking groups have become infamous since the Sony Entertainment breach and JP Morgan Chase chaos.

The most current cyber security breach made public, is happening right now. With the news on the current US primaries, Republican front runner Donald Trump has been chosen by international cyber hacking group Anonymous as their next target. According to a Newsweek article, private information has been leaked by the group pertaining to Trump’s identity, campaign, and business. The group of cyber hackers is calling this their second of three attacks aimed at the politician. With such a large profile case, organizations should take this moment as a learning tool to help protect themselves against cyber breaches.

Here are 3 steps your organization can work on to ensure a more protected network system.

1.    95% of Security Breaches are User Error

The best thing any organization can do to ensure security, is to train employees properly. This proactive approach alters the culture of a company to be more security cognizant. Proper training will help eliminate common mistakes that could leave weak spots prone to cyber-attacks. Employees will also become more aware in noticing odd behavior by phishers, fraudsters, and even malicious inside users.

2.    Restrict High-Risks Access

For an organization’s security strategy, consider limitations to what sites your employees can visit while on the company’s network. Many breaches can occur via drive-by downloads from compromised websites. Being able to control what websites are white-listed for employee access, is a key security policy for protecting sensitive, high risk information.

3.    Test, Test, Test

As an organization, you should always be on the lookout. Performing regular vulnerability assessments must be required for your information security team. If you’re a large enterprise with droves of information that needs to be secured, these should be done weekly. Vulnerability test should scan against every system in your company’s network, both internal and external.

Being proactive is the first step in this strategy as employees are often the first responders to data security breaches and abnormalities. A wide open access to the internet may not be the best idea while on your private networks. Having a plan and always being on the lookout, may be the trick to keeping your organization clean of security breaches. Take these 3 key steps and prepare your trump card for when cyber warfare comes your way.