What is Unified Records Management?

By now I'm sure you've heard the term Unified Records Management thrown around quite a bit in the records management world. Although the term may not be new to you, the actually meaning of Unified Records Management might not be too clear. In its simplest definition Unified Records Management is a platform allowing organizations to manage all content types, whether they be physical or electronic. So what exactly does this mean for you as a SharePoint user? Well for one thing unifying the management of your records within the SharePoint platform eliminates the need to use multiple repositories for each record type. FileTrail takes it a step further to make your life even easier by automating records management at all stages of the records lifecycle, from creation through disposition, and all within SharePoint. Also with FileTrail for SharePoint you're now able to leverage SharePoint for compliance, workflow, dashboards and search tools for their records, extending your SharePoint investment.