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ILTA Roadshow Atlanta: An Information Governance Policy Isn't Enough - Strategies for Execution and Compliance

  • Arnall Golden Gregory LLP 171 17th Street NW, Suite 2100 Atlanta, GA 30363 United States (map)

Most firms understand the need to invest time and resources into developing policies and procedures to manage the vast amounts of information in their possession, but anyone who has considered information governance (IG) policies knows the difficulties that come with properly executing them. Understanding the pitfalls and avoiding them, however, are two different things. Because of the historically manual processes and large volumes of information involved, the risk of falling behind on obligations is always high -- especially as lawyers handle increased caseloads and face client pressure to be more efficient. Even when the risks of noncompliance are clear, it's still easy to fall short. So, how do you make sure your IG policies are consistently implemented? The answer lies in automation.

Learn how technology can make executing your IG policies infinitely easier. Gone are the days of running a manual search for matters ready for disposition, sending a memo to the responsible parties, waiting for signoffs on destroying files and then finally starting the destruction process. Today's technology can automate these processes and trigger the steps leading to review and disposition, ensuring compliance for both internal policy and outside counsel guidelines. We will discuss how technology can guarantee compliance and manage areas that seem to fall through the cracks, and how to measure your firm's progress against its goals.