Information Governance

Apply. Manage. Destroy.

A Universal Information Governance Suite for All Your Documents

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Policy Management

  • A comprehensive information governance solution, FER (FileTrail Enterprise Retention) ensures documents never slip through the cracks. These are just some of its capabilities:

Manage IG policies and apply directly to documents in your different repositories

• Auto-classify and apply retention policies to documents at the time of creation

• Dispositions workflows automate the review and disposition process

• Track past performance with detailed management reports

• Monitor progress in real-time with an actionable dashboard

• Manage document holds [audit reporting tool around all this to make sure you are compliant and the disposition is defensible—NEED CLARIFICATION]

Video notes: Screen: workspace, click to bring up item view, retention, hover over ? to show IG policy

Item: M02178 Craig Whitt


FileTrail disposition workflow kicks off the workflow for reviewing items before destruction

View by matter or item for disposition across multiple repositories

  • Reviews - Automatically compiles review lists based on a review cycle calendar.

  • Notifications - attorney and others responsible for review are notified automatically by email.

  • Escalations - Automatic escalates when reviewers fail to complete reviews in a timely manner.

Dispositions – Produces approved dispositions or performs deletions automatically based on your choice]

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Feature 3

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