An Information Governance Suite for All Your Content

FileTrail Enterprise Retention (FER) is an information governance solution that manages IG policies for electronic documents and physical records across multiple repositories.  

 These are just some of its capabilities.



Policy Management

Use FER’s Policy Management tool to apply your information governance (IG) policies directly to documents in your various repositories.

  • Retention – Apply retention policies to documents at the time of their creation
  • Disposition – Automate the review and disposition process with dispositions workflows
  • Reporting – Generate detailed management reports to track past performance
  • Audit Trail – Manage document holds using a built-in audit reporting tool

"Our firm is pretty advanced in terms of the development of our policies and procedures and our ability to apply them to retention and disposition workflows…. Managing all our physical and electronic files [with FileTrail] is an exciting possibility."

John Churchill, Records Department Manager, Nelson Mullins


FER Review kicks off the workflow for reviewing items before destruction. You can view by matter or item for disposition across multiple repositories.

  • ReviewsCompiles review lists automatically based on a review cycle calendar.
  • NotificationsNotifies anyone responsible for document review automatically by email.
  • EscalationsEscalates the case when reviewers fail to complete reviews in a timely manner .
  • DispositionsProduces approved dispositions or performs deletions automatically according to your settings.

In today’s environment, it’s crucial for law firms to have a wide range of IG compliance processes and verifications in place. Being proficient with IG can help law firms win new business. Conversely, being lax with IG can mean the loss of existing business if an IG compliance audit results in unfavorable findings.

— Patrick Tisdale, President, Tees River Consulting



With FER Trending Reports you can generate graphical reports to see how your data growth is trending. Use reports to save on storage costs by getting rid of documents that don’t belong to billable matters.

  • TrendsView by month, by quarter, or by annual activity to get a view into what has been done in the past.
  • ProjectionsProject your total storage space savings for the next 5 to 7 years.
  • JustificationVisualize past and future benefits and savings from implementing IG guidelines.


Learn More about Information Governance

More than ever, clients are issuing detailed IG protocols and undertaking audits to ensure compliance. Stay informed about the increasingly complex IG landscape to mitigate your risk.

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Why FileTrail?

Our intelligent approach to Information Governance sets us apart from others

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Choose to implement on-premise or in the cloud.

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Extensible taxonomy supports retention and security.

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Work on laptops, tablets and smart devices.

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Scripted upgrades are easy to apply and available to all clients.

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Quarterly releases incorporate client feedback.

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Developing configuration tools, rather than creating custom code for individual clients, yields compelling benefits including:

  • lower reliance on internal IT
  • shorter time to implementation
  • lower cost of deployment
  • better fit to each client

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