FileTrail's Information Governance Software

Implementing an Information Governance program is difficult. Sometimes it feels like you are working for your Information Governance program, rather than it working for you. We make Information Governance easier by allowing you to configure the automation processes and letting the software do the day-to-day work.

Increased competition, regulation, and litigation increase the cost of a failed Information Governance program. A successful program maximizes the value of your information, helping your organization drive product innovation, increase sales, and improve customer service.

How FileTrail Implements Information Governance

  • Controls the information life cycle from acquisition or creation to disposal and destruction
  • Documents and applies the policies and procedures for information usage
  • Know what information is held, where it is, and in what format
  • Ensures that information is available when and where it is required
  • Ensures information is secure with secure access and maintained confidentiality
  • Support your initiative to train staff on compliance while automating compliance as much as possible
  • Flexibility to evolve as the format of media and communication changes
  • Adheres to the principle of continuous improvement with quarterly releases that incorporate client feedback

Rely on Information Governance Tools

We’ve been implementing Information Governance for organizations since long before it was called “Information Governance”. FileTrail provides the taxonomy, visibility, and security needed for effective and efficient use of information. At the same time it applies your policies to automate archiving and ensures timely disposition, while documenting compliance through audit trails and reporting.


Defensible Retention

Actionable dashboards guarantee the enforcement of your Information Governance policies. Organizations can easily oversee retention, automate disposition workflows, monitor activities and report results without any complexity.

Companies can easily create, standardize and modify retention schedules to automatically and consistently apply policies, ensuring defensible retention practices over both electronic content and physical records.


Granular Security Permissions

Many companies face the persistent challenge of ensuring information is securely handled and accessible to approved users.

Our granular user permissions and configurable architecture allows companies to define what information can be viewed or modified and which users are able to do so.


Compliant Digital Signatures

Speed up your workflow and eliminate the need to print-sign-scan-send documents by signing off on files with your eSignature. All of your content in FileTrail has a permanent and complete audit trail history detailing the full chain of custody for documents.

eSignatures in FileTrail are fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and our system is both trusted and used by the FDA.

Ensure Success

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Discover a Unified Work Space

Powerful search any field.
Simple download of search results.
Create adhoc results with ease.
See ranked results from full text search.
Activity dashboard for fileroom personnel.
Automate off-site archival.
Print plain or color coded labels from any work station.

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Security at your Fingertips

User and group based security.
Control access to functions.
Grant rights to view, modify, or dispose.
Specify rights based on business unit, information type, office, and media.
Authenticate users with AD or SAML.
Regular vulnerability testing. 

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Automate and Apply Retention

Set and configure policy management.
Access automatic classification.
Calculates archiving and disposition dates.
Enjoy an automated disposition workflow.
The actionable dashboard monitors reviews.
Manage legal holds. 
Email alerts drives disposition reviews.

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Be Audit Ready

Field history logs all edits.
Full history of prior versions.
Validate with e-signature.
Audit with handheld scanners.
Discrepancy reporting.
QA/QC audit reports.

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Capture and Create with Ease

Import documents from share drives.
Drive and drop files into FileTrail.
Save from MS Office.
Create new documents from within FileTrail
Create new documents from templates or other documents.
Import documents from DM systems. 

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Lower Costs with a Better Fit

Faster deployment.
Lower cost of delivery.
Create unlimited user-defined fields.
Configure search forms and results to fit.
Accommodate operational differences.
Control access with granular privileges.
Grant rights to view, modify, & destroy.

Why FileTrail?

Our intelligent approach to Information Governance sets us apart from others

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Choose to implement on-premise or in the cloud.

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Extensible taxonomy supports retention and security.

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Work on laptops, tablets and smart devices.

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Scripted upgrades are easy to apply and available to all clients.

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Quarterly releases incorporate client feedback.

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Developing configuration tools, rather than creating custom code for individual clients, yields compelling benefits including:

  • lower reliance on internal IT
  • shorter time to implementation
  • lower cost of deployment
  • better fit to each client

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