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Information management has never been more imperative for the insurance industry. Reforms in client privacy legislation, increased litigation, industry consolidation, and compliance requirements have created the necessity for superior information governance practices. In a field in which resources for information management are often outdated, standardizing policies and practices in a hyper-competitive business environment remains a challenge.

Built with the Client in Mind

information governance FileTrail helps implement your IG program. Calculate retention off of Matter Close Date. Apply holds by Matter or to specific records. Build Ethnical Walls or sync with IntApp Walls. Archive records based on activity. Disposition reviews presented on-line. Reviews and escalations driven by email notifications. Streamline disposition and destruction.  


Know Where Every Record Is

Calculate retention with matter close date.
Apply holds by matter to specific records.
Build ethical walls or sync with IntApp.
Archive records based on activity.
Online review of disposition dates.
Email alerts for reviews and escalations.
Streamlined disposition and destruction.
Communicate with storage vendors.

RECORDS MANAGEMENT FileTrail automates physical records management. Search on any field. Download search results. Create ad hoc reports. Ranked results from Full Text Search. Easy because it is like using the internet. File room activity dashboard. Automate off-site archiving. Print plain or color coded labels from any workstation.  


Easily Locate & Retrieve Records

Powerful search on any field.
Simple download of search results.
Create ad-hoc results with ease.
See ranked results from full text search.
Activity dashboard for file room personnel.
Automate off-site disposition and archival.
Print plain or color coded labels.
Batch creation using templates.

Migration   Ease your transition to new technology. Experience migrating legacy data from popular legal RM systems. Replace legacy functionality with similar features. Commitment to law firm industry. Customer feedback impacts every release. Continual improvement through regular releases. Apply upgrades easily without additional labor.


Transition to New Technology

Experience with migrating legacy data.
Exchange legacy functionality with similar but optimized features.
Guaranteed commitment to law firms.
Customer feedback impacts new releases.
Continual advancements with regularly scheduled  product updates. 
Upgrade easily without extra help. 

Technology   FileTrail stays current as technology changes. 100% browser-based since 2001. PC, tablet and smartphone. On-Premise or Cloud. Scheduled releases. Easy to upgrade. Vulnerability tested. AD and SAML authentication Developed in C#.Net 4.5. SOAP API Web Services.


Stay Current & Up to Date

100% browser-based application.
Access on your PC, tablet or smart device.
Store on premise or in the cloud.

Protected and secured with proven vulnerability testing.
AD and SAML authentication

Flexibility   Configurability lowers costs and creates a better fit. Shorter time to delivery. Lower delivery costs. Unlimited user-defined fields. Configure search forms and results to fit each role. Configure for operational differences in file rooms. Limit access to batch creation templates by office or practice. Control who can do what with granular privileges.    


Lower Costs with a Better Fit

Quick deployment and lower costs.
Create unlimited user-defined fields.
Configure search forms and results to fit.
Configure operational changes in file rooms.
Limit access to batch creation templates..
Control access with granular privileges.

Matter Mobility FileTrail simplifies the cumbersome ‘in’ and ‘out’ data tasks. Ingests and validates data from lateral hires and acquisitions. Synchronizes client-matter data with Matter Intake. Manages ethical walls or synchronizes them from external systems. Exports data for departing attorneys.


Automate Retention

Policy management
Automatic classification
Calculate archiving and disposition dates.
Automate disposition workflow.
Actionable dashboard monitors reviews.
Holds management.
Email notifications drive reviews.

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