A Modern Approach to Physical Records Management

FileTrail’s automated, intuitive, web-based platform makes managing and tracking your physical records incredibly easy.


FileTrail consolidates your organization's physical and electronic records to accelerate the flow of business. Access everything on your PC, tablet, or smartphone in our 100% browser-based system.

  • Integrations – Modern integrations with DMs and ECM systems (SharePoint, NetDocuments iManage, OpenText, IBM, etc) means users can view all their files in a single pane glass.
  • Actionable Dashboard – A comprehensive dashboard guides users through actionable workflows.
  • Off-Site Storage – View pending orders to off-site storage.
  • Labels – Print color-coded labels from any workstation. (This feature can be decentralized.)


FileTrail's advanced functionality means it's easy to instantly locate the exact document you need, regardless of how many thousands of records you're searching.

  • Unlimited User-Defined Fields – Configure search forms and results to fit common criteria.
  • Saved Searches – Create saved searches to quickly locate records or content that’s routinely accessed.
  • Ranked Results – Use full-text Amazon-style search and get back ranked results; metadata fields and imaged documents included.
  • Custom Reports – Generate custom reports and download search results as a .csv or .pdf file.

Information Governance

FileTrail’s built-in information governance software offers unparalleled simplicity and control. It works behind the scenes to automate the complete lifecycle all your records--from capture through retention and disposition.

  • Retention – Apply retention policies to documents at the time of their creation.
  • Dispositions – Automate the review and disposition process with dispositions workflows
  • Reviews – Email alerts request disposition reviews.
  • Holds – Manage legal holds.


Want to see how simple FileTrail really is?

Watch this video to see our records management software in action.


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